The Western Sydney International Airport Project

Approaching Western Sydney Sign

Western Sydney flows through our blood; the area is branded in our DNA. It is where we developed our family and community values and the place where Two Way Cranes was born and still lives today. The opportunity to work on the Western Sydney International Airport construction is a great showpiece for us and many other local businesses and workers.

Our teams are local, our managers and founders live in the Western Suburbs and we prioritise local opportunities where we can make a difference. The area is fast becoming the epicentre of progress.

Part of the area’s renaissance is the construction of the Western Sydney International Airport (WSA). It’s an amazing infrastructure project, injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into the local community and delivering wide ranging local employment opportunities. During the construction phase, at least 30% of the workforce must be from the local community and currently the project is well exceeding this criterion with an estimated 50% of the construction workforce being located in the Western Sydney catchment area.

The site is grand on any scale, 1780 hectares, just under 4400 acres, and will resemble an entire suburb when completed. The engineering and earthmoving works are a complex undertaking and you can spot Two Way’s cranes at nearly each touchpoint of the initial phase. As of November 2021, nearly 20 million cubic metres of earth have already been moved in what some people describe as one of the biggest earthmoving challenges in Australian history. We are very proud to have a significant presence within this project.

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Expertise working with scale and complexity

The project’s scale and complexity require top level expertise at all specialist segments of the construction. They must all work seamlessly together to ensure ultimate efficiencies are achieved without compromising on the work quality and scheduled operations. This is a key ingredient to the Two Way Cranes method. Our years of experience and expertise working on complex projects have enabled our teams to have thorough working knowledge of multi-faceted projects and be able to deliver not only the hardware but also the operational knowledge to work effectively with other industrial skill sets to ensure the project moves forward.

Projects like this one have many eyeballs on them, from State and Federal Government agencies and tier 1 builders, to project managers and the public. It is very important for us to be recognised as a critical piece of the puzzle and to be an advocate for other local businesses. Part of our personal remit is to illustrate the capabilities and expertise that exists in the western region. As a Western Sydney business, we are a showpiece of the region’s talents and we are extremely proud to be part of this fantastic development for Western Sydney.

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Proud project for Two Way Cranes director Frank Zammit

Two Way Cranes Director Frank Zammit says:

“I’m a proud Bringelly boy and have lived in Western Sydney all my life – my family were local dairy farmers in the area – and watching the progress being made here and being a part of it is so exciting.

It’s exciting to be playing a part in the future development of Western Sydney and it’s great to see the opportunities the airport is already bringing to local businesses and workers.”

There were a number of factors that enabled Two Way Cranes to become part of this exciting development.

Our comprehensive fleet, including Frannas, crawler cranes, all-terrain and city cranes, our extensive experience in complex project work, the reputation of our team to deliver successful outcomes and our uncompromising commitment to the local community and local jobs all played a role in securing the subcontractor appointment. As the project evolves, we will continue to support the local sector and use this opportunity to further develop our relationships with the region and shine the light on the expertise, capability and commitment that we and the local business community have to offer.

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