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Two Way Cranes merger – creating an unparalleled level of service in the mobile crane hire industry

Two Way Cranes Frank, John And Danny

Two Way Cranes has solidified its reputation as the NSW leader in specialist lifting and material handling with the acquisition of two of the biggest names in Franna, all-terrain, city crane and crawler crane hire – DJ Adairs Crane Services and Gillespie Cranes.

“The mergers have been really beneficial for existing Two Way Crane clients as well as the Gilliespie and Adair’s clientele”

Says Two Way Cranes co-founder Frank Zammit:

“With the addition of the Adairs and Gillespie fleet Two Way Cranes now has one of the largest mobile crane fleets in Sydney, providing clients a larger range of machines to choose from and a faster response time…

“And with the retention of the original staff from each company long term Adairs and Gilliespie clients can still use the same contacts and processes that they were used to previously. The merger really has been a win / win for everyone, firmly positioning Two Way Cranes as a tier one mobile crane hire business.”

Cranes Operation And Management

Over 100 years’ combined experience in cranes operation and management

The Two Way Cranes acquisition of DJ Adairs Crane Services and Gillespie Cranes has brought together three premier crane hire companies with over 100 years’ combined experience in cranes operation and management.

The Gillespie family has been part of the Australian crane landscape since Dave Gillespie’s grandfather founded the family business in 1950.

Dave’s father John joined the firm in 1969 and then Dave worked alongside his father for decades, growing it together to become the go-to crane hire company for major infrastructure projects and development.

“Working with Frank and the Two Way Cranes team is fantastic,” says Dave Gilliespie, now a Sales Supervisor for Two Way Cranes…

“Frank and Nichole run a very tight ship and are always looking at how they can invest in their fleet to perform a better service for their clients. The merger has been an extremely positive experience so far and the feedback from our Gilliespie clients has been excellent.”

Excellent Mobile Crane Fleet

Adding to an already excellent mobile crane fleet

Two Way Cranes have always delivered superior mobile crane hire and project management for clients of all sizes and all sectors – including civil infrastructure, maritime and mining…

But now Two Way Cranes boasts an even more expansive fleet of first-class construction cranes and a larger team of exceptional CrewSafe certified staff who are committed to offering great value solutions for no matter what the size of your budget is.

“Bringing these three companies, cranes and staff together under one umbrella means Team Two Way can now offer our clients and unparalleled level of service in the mobile crane hire industry,” says Two Way Cranes founder and co-owner, Frank Zammit.

“The industry response to the acquisitions has been quick and positive. I’ve had numerous phone calls from both new and old customers sharing their positive experiences which has been great to hear.”

A more dedicated customer service experience

Two Way Cranes worked hand in hand with Adairs and Gillespie on larger projects for many years prior to the recent mergers. Seeing Frank and his Two Way team operate first hand gave both Danny and John supreme confidence that their long time clients would only benefit from the mergers.

These benefits include the varied fleet at Two Way Cranes disposal, making them expertly positioned to deliver superior and agile solutions in Franna, rough terrain, city and crawler crane hire, crane operation and material handling.

Additionally the larger staff base has already delivered a more dedicated customer service experience.

Sales Manager Maury Ellis believes that the mergers have lifted the bar for services in the mobile crane hire industry… Specifically the high level of expertise that Two Way Cranes brings to every job.

“Our priority at Two Way Cranes is creating a personalised service for every job and every client. We take the time to listen to their needs and find the perfect solution.” Says Maury…

“And now with an incredible fleet and a larger staff we’re able to share that expertise with more clients faster and in a very tailored way.”

Mobile Crane Hire Solution

Need a mobile crane hire solution?

Two Way Cranes are the experts in complete material handling and specialist lifting solutions. And now with their recent acquisition of DJ Adairs and Gillespie they have created an unparalleled level of service in the mobile crane hire industry

With decades of experience, a focus on customer relationships, an immense fleet and an exceptional team they routinely deliver efficient and cost-effective mobile crane hire operations across NSW,

Two Way Cranes work with businesses of all sizes and across all sectors utilising an unmatched fleet and a dedicated professional team.

If you’re in need of any mobile crane based services contact Two Way Cranes for a versatile and great-value solution.

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