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Maury Ellis

Maury Ellis

Operations Manager

A formidable cutter of red tape, Maury is an expert when it comes to paperwork and job-specific documentation.

“After 16 years of on-site and behind the scenes site management, I understand just how crucial seamless implementation of document management plays in any successful job.

Be it developing accurate, job-specific documentation for safe-work scenarios specific for each job, all-encompassing safety systems required to access major sites or creating and submitting justification for site access, I’m known by our clients as the ‘go-to man’ to get stuff done.”

Maury has a strong history of working closely with tier one and tier two builders and has developed an unwavering reputation for digging in his heels to make sure the best interests of his clients are always taken care of.

“I will argue and go to bat for a client all day long. They rely on me to get the job done, either on-site or in the office, and make sure their deadlines are met. They know I won’t let them down. I’ll always get the job done.”

It isn’t just his never-quit attitude that clients find so valuable from Maury, but also his eye for detail.

Understanding the nuts and bolts of every document, every permit and every licence, Maury knows that the accurate and precise completion of all documentation is crucial.

And it’s his high level of expertise in this area that sets him, and Two Way Cranes, apart from all competitors.

“Understanding no two sites are ever the same is an important part of my job. I bring experience and precision into every job I do, whether it’s lifting turtles and other large sea creatures out of the zoo, or working in a busy CBD location.

Creating a personalised service for each client based on their specific needs is always my first priority.”

With a love of water, this passionate fisherman enjoys nothing more than spending weekends up the coast where life is run at a different pace.

During the week, however, Maury is determined to exceed the expectations of the Two Way Cranes clients with every opportunity he gets.



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