Manny Paniagua

Project Manager - Southern Division


Manny first started his career in crane operations in 1978. He literally ‘climbed’ into the industry when working as a trades assistant at BlueScope steelworks in Wollongong.

“One day I climbed up a column… and from then I became part of the rigging crew.”

In the 42 years since, he has had extensive experience working in heavy industrial rigging and crane operations.

He has been involved in projects across the country… from the North West Shelf LNG Project in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia down to Tidbinbilla Tracking Station in Canberra.

His knowledge and understanding of the lifting requirements for petrochemical, gas and heavy industrial works are second to none. And his experience in general crane operations makes him an invaluable member of ‘Team Two Way’.

As a life-long Wollongong resident, he brings a wealth of local insight to his role as Project Manager for our Southern Division.

“I’m looking forward to establishing the presence of Two Way Cranes in the region. I’m excited to be part of building successful operations in Wollongong and the extended South Coast.

I take pride in making sure that I am customer focused by trying to exceed my customers’ expectations. I am all about building long-term relationships which are important to me. I always look to under-promise and over-deliver when completing my work for them.”

In his role, Manny liaises with our customers and manages all aspects of their projects. He can help determine the right crane for the job and make sure you have the best lifting solution for your needs.

He knows exactly what is required to ensure compliance, and he looks after all the necessary paperwork so you don’t have to worry about ticking tasks off a checklist. He is also dedicated to our team of operators.

“I establish the crane on the job and I make sure the team is comfortable. It doesn’t matter where or what time of day it is, I will always make sure I’m there for the boys.”

Family values are important to Manny… his wife and kids are his number one priority and that’s why Two Way Cranes is a perfect match for him.


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