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Crane risk assessment

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Before a crane starts any lifting operation, you need to assess the risks involved. Here at Two Way Cranes, we are vigilant when it comes to safety and we understand the importance of risk mitigation. Every single member of our team is committed to our processes to make sure we provide safe and successful lifts for our customers.

Michael Biviano, Work Health and Safety (WHS) Manager, discusses what is involved in our risk assessment process and highlights how we are always focused on the welfare of everyone involved.

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What needs to be assessed?

Every work area is different and there are many variables to consider when planning a lifting operation. Michael explains,

“When we perform an initial site inspection for a lift, a project manager also performs a risk assessment.

The risk assessment looks for anything that could affect the crane on the site.

This includes ground conditions and the overall environment. Inspection of set up locations, measuring the area and determining the best access route for the crane are critical.

We also investigate potential impacts the crane could have on the environment, including bearing pressures on foundation soils, underground services and local and natural resources.

All of these factors are taken into consideration and outlined during the development of the risk assessment documentation including lift plans and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).”

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Safe Work Method Statement and Job Safety Analysis

Safe Work Method Statements or SWMS are a legislative requirement for all high risk work and are central to our risk assessment process, as they outline each step of the operation. Michael continues,

“Like any SWMS, it is a live and an evolving document. Amendments can be made on the day and/or if new hazards arise. These are documented and communicated to everyone involved in the lifting operation.

We teach our team members how to amend the SWMS and we recognise that things could have changed from the initial assessment by the project manager. Variations to site are common and the processes we have in place account for change management.

It is also crucial that we can identify the resources we need, the manpower and the skills required to complete the job. The SWMS provides a clear direction on the control measures that must be implemented for the tasks involved.”

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In addition to the SWMS, we also utilise a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). It is used in parallel with all our other documentation and is lift specific.

“The JSA is a great tool… it can be completed by any of the crane crew and ensures positive communication for the task at hand is maintained. The JSA includes real time task information, lifting equipment checks, SWL calculation in accordance with the cranes load chart and hazard identification. The JSA and SWMS are used in conjunction with each other to make sure every aspect of the lift is covered.

This allows us to adapt to any situation. If we encounter an issue, we have the ability to review the circumstances and make sure we find the appropriate solution.

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Safety is paramount

Employing heavy machinery takes skill and exceptional attention to detail. We know that safety is paramount and are always focused on minimising risk. Michael says,

“You have to think of a crane at the same level as an aircraft… it is subject to immense inspection and maintenance regime, the pilot must complete their pre-start checks, and an entire team of people have to make sure all aspects of the machine are good to go. You can’t just jump in and take off. We hold this same level of accountability to our team.”

The security and wellbeing of your people – and ours – is always a priority. We’re incredibly proud of our safety record and are the leaders in providing safe and agile solutions.

Take advantage of our expertise and our skilled CrewSafe team today. Contact us about outstanding crane hire and material handling solutions, with safety and quality guaranteed.

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