Jobs Available at Two Way Cranes

Jobs Available At Two Way Cranes

Looking to work on a diverse range of exciting projects that are transforming our cities?

Two Way Cranes is seeking experienced crane operators and dogmen to join our team of highly professional and multi-skilled workers. If you have sound experience within the crane industry and a respect for safety, then join the Two Ways team. Operators and dogmen must have prior construction experience; five years or more of industry related experience is preferred.

Crane Operators

Key requirements – crane operators

  • Capability to operate various mobile cranes safely and without dedicated site supervision.
  • Have an extensive knowledge of crane operations, including load chart usage and the manufacturer’s instruction manual.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that the area is safe for a crane to be used, the machinery is safe for use and the loads are an appropriate weight for the crane.
Dogman Riggers

Key requirements – dogmen/riggers

  • Capability to check loads, estimate size, shape, weight and centre of gravity.
  • Ensure loads do not exceed lifting capacities of cranes.
  • Safely direct the crane operator who is moving the load.
Drug And Alcohol Free Workplace

All workers must be able to:

  • work in a team environment
  • work various shifts
  • climb on and off heavy mobile equipment safely (Some physical activity is required.)

TWC has a drug and alcohol-free workplace. All workers will be subject to drug and alcohol testing.

Failure to participate or positive results will lead to termination of employment.

If you are interested in applying, please email your CV to

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