Dave Brown

Project Manager

Email: dave.brown@twowaycranes.com.au

Dave is a crane guy through and through. Having started his career as a carpenter he fell into driving cranes on a work site nearly a quarter of a century ago. It is a great story and one that would never happen again these days, taking over the crane operations when the driver didn’t show and the job could not wait.

Thrown in at the deep end he knew enough to pull it off. That experience was an epiphany moment setting in motion a career that has taken him around Australia into some pretty hostile and very exciting places.

“My first day was by default. I was working on a building site in Melbourne as a carpenter. The crane driver had been showing me the ropes during lunch breaks and I was fascinated by how it all worked. When he didn’t show one morning I needed to step up and was sweating bullets all day. In the end I got the job done and my love of the craft began and has never stopped” Says Dave

Giving up the hammer Dave began as a dogger, then first class rigger. His extensive career has seen him work on everything from lifting pools into backyards, house construction to large scale shopping centres. He even spent time working in the Australian outback. Places like the Strzelecki Track bordering outback Queensland and South Australia hold fond memories. Building weather balloon rocket launching pads and bomb shelters for Australian defence forces needing to test explosive ordinates in a safe environment. It was a great time and great experiences.

According to Dave “When something needs to be moved from A to B, and somebody says it can’t be done, I will show you that it can be done”

As a project manager for Two Way Cranes, Dave is committed to asking questions. He makes it a point to find out everything necessary about the project right down to the minute detail, ensuring the project is delivered safely and efficiently with total customer satisfaction.

“You need to go the extra distance and talk to as many people as possible who are affected by the project. That is the only way to get the complete picture” Dave says.

Dave’s commitment to learning about each project is enhanced by his own dedication to continual improvement. An avid learner Dave has completed advanced studies in Workplace Health and Safety and a Graduate Certificate in Business. It comes as no surprise that he also regularly competes in Iron Man events and places a high price on his health and fitness.

“ I like to stay driven in everything I do. From learning, to competing and most importantly to ensuring the projects we work on, from inception to completion, are done with total attention to detail and exceed customer expectations. Our customers deserve nothing less and as a business it what we strive for every day”


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