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What you want in your crane hire company

Two way crane at construction site

Many different industries rely on cranes to complete critical lifting projects… from construction to infrastructure, transport to utility works. There’s no denying that it’s a competitive industry with a large number of crane hire companies not just in Sydney but across the entire state.

Selecting the right company to partner with can make all the difference when it comes time to complete your job. You need to make sure your project is delivered on time and on budget, so how can you be sure the company you’ve chosen will meet these requirements?

Here at Two Way Cranes, we’re experts in adaptable mobile crane and specialty lifting solutions and we’ve put together a list of the key traits you want in your crane hire company.

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It goes without saying that your crane hire company needs to have extensive experience in a wide variety of projects to make sure they can meet your needs.

Whether the organisation itself has been in existence for many years or members of the operating team have decades of experience between them, it is an essential attribute you want them to have.

Experience allows them to assess your project and make sure they provide you with the right crane for the job. It also means that they can complete rigorous risk assessment and have a thorough management plan prepared well before crane mobilisation. Inexperienced operators in the wrong vehicle can be disastrous – not only to the completion of a successful lift but also to your bottom line.

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Focus on safety

It’s imperative that the crane hire company you select is committed to safety. Cranes are powerful machines that have the potential to be catastrophic when not used safely.

There are specific industry standards that must be met and you should confirm this with any potential crane provider. Crews should have the relevant qualifications and meet necessary CrewSafe compliance requirements as set out by the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA).

Specialised project managers should also be part of the team as they can oversee all details of the plan and manage the risk assessment process. They should understand the critical aspects of crane safety to ensure the security and wellbeing of everyone involved.

Group of men in front of a big red crane

Committed team

A good indication of a quality crane hire company is the commitment of its team. Highly skilled, experienced and supported team members perform well in their roles.

Look for a company that highlights achievements, proactively engages with its community and has growth opportunities for its people. Company culture is integral to a business’s success and plays a vital role in delivering excellent results to customers.

Two way cranes at the garage

Quality fleet

What do the cranes look like? If they are tired and not well maintained, that is an immediate red flag. You want your crane hire company to take pride in their vehicles and also have a great variety to choose from. Cranes aren’t ‘one size fits all’… to make sure they can service your job accordingly, they need to have options available.

And those options need to be brands you know – such as Franna, Maeda, Liebherr and Grove.

Trusted Name

Trusted name

Finally, you want to partner with a trusted name. A crane hire company that you know will be able to provide you with exactly the right lifting solution and has the industry reputation to back it.

Two Way Cranes offers just that; through our acquisitions of both Adairs and Gillespies we have brought together a management team with over 100 years’ combined experience. When it comes to crane operations, there is no better choice. Take advantage of our expertise – contact us for all material handling solutions.

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