Focused on business as usual during COVID-19

Signage of an open business during COVID-19

Who would have thought 2020 would look like this? Self-isolation, home-schooling and empty shelves in the supermarkets… it almost feels like something out of a movie. But for now, it is our reality and it has meant dramatic changes for many people.

We know it’s a very unsettling time but we want to assure our customers that here at Two Way Cranes we will continue to trade as normal… providing you with adaptable mobile crane and speciality lifting solutions.

Man driving a red crane

Following government recommendations

First and foremost, we are committed to the health and safety of our customers and our team. We are monitoring government advice and following all recommendations regarding Work Health and Safety.

All our office based staff are still at work every day, working in their own separate offices. This ensures full compliance with the social distancing guidelines.

We are also practising social distancing in communal areas and staggering our breaks to minimise multiple team members in close proximity indoors.

We are cleaning and sanitising our workspace frequently, including our fleet of cranes and other vehicles.

And onsite we will continue social distancing during set-up and pack down… as cranes are solo operated we are confident that distance can be maintained during operations.

Woman works at home using her laptop

Ready to work from home

While we currently continue to work from our offices, our team has the capability to work from home should the government restrictions change. Once this has been implemented we are confident that there will be no impact to the delivery of our expert services.

As a family business, we are agile and adaptable, able to embrace change at a moments notice. Our focus is on guaranteeing continuity of service. We are fiercely proud of our flexibility and ability to deliver during challenging times.

Man standing with Red crane behind him

Business as usual for the Two Way Crane team

For the time being, it’s business as usual. We are here to service clients of all sizes and all sectors… across the wider Sydney region, from the coast to the mountains.

We will continue to manage every aspect of material handling, including scheduling and logistics and we will always provide a first-class crew. If there is any change to our service delivery we will communicate with you directly.

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